Create & Sell Handmade Items

Enjoy arts and crafts? Cash in on your creativity!

If you have a talent for designing and making unique products by hand, you could be making money by selling your creations.

Many people would much prefer to purchase the unusual and original, rather than buy mass produced items.

Local markets thrive on the handmade industry. Now the internet has opened up the marketplace so you can showcase and sell your products worldwide.

Ideas for Handmade Creations

Here are just some of the products you could consider making. Don't limit yourself to my thoughts here ... these are just some ideas to get you started!


Use your skills to create paintings, collages, portraits, sculpture, illustrations, photographs and much more. Your only limit is your imagination!


Ideas for handmade jewelry might be earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks, personalized items, body jewelry and watches. Creative ways to store, display and organize jewelry are also good sellers.


Design and make all kinds of clothes for women, men, children, and even pets and dolls. Don't forget swimwear, sleepwear and dress-up costumes. Fabric design is another option. Often it is almost impossible for people to buy clothing in specialty sizes, so this is could be an excellent potential market.


Use a variety of materials to make bags and purses, wallets, belts, ties, scarves, gloves, hats, eyewear, hair accessories, keychains and even covers for various gadgets.

Children's Products

Parents, relatives and friends love to buy unique gifts for children. Ideas could include toys, room decorations such as wall decals and mobiles, blankets, personalized items, mementos such as footprints, and items for school. Plus remember mom ... beautiful maternity and feeding/nursing products make her feel special.

Beauty and Pampering Products

Handmade soaps, lip balms, moisturizers, scrubs, cleansers, toners, shampoos, condititioners, aftershaves, deodorants ... many people will much prefer personal care and skincare products made from pure ingredients rather than those made from chemicals. Makeup and nail beauty products, fragrances, hair dyes and chalks, and even wigs are possibilities.


There is such an enormous range of homeware: furniture, lighting, ornaments, vases, tableware, bedding, pillows ... the list is almost endless. To find inspiration, think of each room of the house - kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and so on, and picture what you use in there. Don't forget items for outdoors and the garden!

Food and Food Preparation

Make and sell baked goods, condiments, sauces, preserved goods, candy, beverages and herb mixes. Design original ways to present your recipes. Use your imagination to create unique ways to present and store food.


Create beautiful or funny gift cards, stylish gift tags or original notepaper or gift wrap. Calendars and party favors are also good sellers. Personalize items for a special touch. Also consider ideas for products to enhance, organize and store in the kitchen.

Getting Started

There are websites specifically designed to help you promote and sell your handmade creations. You'll find some of these listed down the right hand side of this page.

Create an account, have a look around, explore the marketplace and be inspired!

Once you've established your brand, you could also consider having your own website, or marketing to other retailers, both on and off-line.

Wishing you every success!

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