Start a Membership Site

Get Paid to Regularly Share Your Expertise With Others

Owning a membership site means that your customers pay you to access content on your website. 

A subscription is usually monthly or yearly, and usually gives customers exclusive content in a private website, as well as the ability to communicate with other members.  It's like an online club. 

A membership site might provide courses sent over an agreed period of time, along with resources to help members learn and research.  Another idea might be to allow access to new games or apps.  Alternatively, as long as you can provide up-to-date, interesting content, you can pick any subject that people might be passionate about, and create a niche membership site. 

Most importantly, choose a subject that YOU are passionate about, so you can deliver a genuinely interesting site that you will enjoy developing and running.

You don't need an enormous number of members.  For example, if you have just 300 subscribers each paying $20 per month, that's $72,000 per year.  Of course, you need to set your price competitively according to your market and what you are offering.

However, you do need to be able to provide excellent value for that subscription, preferably on a daily or weekly basis.  If you don't, your customers will leave and word will get around that your site is not worth joining.  Quality information will gain you a great reputation and word of mouth will bring you more and more subscribers.

Membership Sites Blueprint

The best way to learn about membership sites is to first join one and see how it works, and what works in it. 

Remember to engage your members on every level - run competitions and challenges, hold conferences or even give members the chance to meet you in person at live events.  Deliver more than you promise.  Get to know members and be generous with your time and availability.  Don't be afraid to try new things, and to change things that are not working.

If you look after your members and help them along the way, they will look after you.  They will not only continue to subscribe, but will recommend you to others and increase your business

A membership site is a commitment, and you need to work in order to look after your customers.  However the result can be a regular income and a rewarding career.

Getting Started

Once you have your idea, you will need content.  This is not limited to written content ... think videos, photos, downloadables, printables, forums, conferences ... whatever works well with your plan.  It's also possible to outsource your content creation to freelancers or to special expert guests.

With enough content to set up your site and start providing information, you will be ready to create a membership website.

On the right hand side of this page you'll find information about plugins, software and websites that offer solutions for beginners and experts alike to set up a membership site and take subscription payments. 

As soon as your website is up and running, it can be a good idea to test it by inviting a few members to join for free and give you feedback.  If everything goes smoothly, you are ready for your adoring public.

Promote your site in areas where your targeted customers will see your ads.  This can be online or offline.

A good membership site will bring you a steady income for a long time.

Wishing you every success!

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