Paid Surveys

Get Paid for Your Opinion

Market research is essential for most businesses. Companies need to know everything they possibly can about existing and potential customers. They also need to test-drive various ad campaigns such as print media and television commercials.

You are a consumer and a user of services, and possibly a potential customer. What you think matters. Many of these companies are happy to pay you a small fee (or to give you a reward) for completing a short survey giving your honest opinion.

Other businesses might pay to have you watch a short video or visit a website. Others might ask you to choose your preferred images or slogans for an upcoming campaign.

It's easy to do, and sometimes quite entertaining. After giving your ideas on a television ad, for example, it's kind of cool to actually see it when it appears on tv! On the downside, the pay is usually quite low and there definitely isn't enough work available to keep anyone employed.

Paid surveys are a relaxing way to earn a little extra cash. They do pay, and if you participate in several sites, the money can add up!

How Paid Surveys Work

The first step is to join a paid survey company through its website. There are links to more information on the right hand side of this page.

Once you have an account, you'll often be immediately asked a series of questions. This is because companies want to survey people demographically specific to their particular needs. For example, a company that sells baby products will most likely want to target only young parents, and an automobile dealership will probably only be interested in the range of people who can afford its vehicles. Be honest and you'll find surveys relevant to you. This makes for much more interesting work than trying to complete surveys about products you know nothing about.

How you answer the initial questions will help to form your "profile". Using this information, the paid survey company will then make appropriate surveys available to you.

You may still need to qualify further, but most of the time, once you have qualified, you will be at least paid something just for attempting to participate. If you are accepted, you can go ahead and answer the questions posed by the survey.

Once you have finished answering, you will be returned to the paid survey website, and your account will be credited.

When you reach a certain threshold, you will be paid.

Some companies will pay you cash, while others pay in gift cards and other rewards.

What Kind of Surveys Will I Receive?

Surveys can be issued covering a wide range of subjects.

From groceries to movies to drinking habits to children's needs to healthcare ... if it can be marketed, you might be asked about it.

You always have the choice not to participate if you feel that the survey is not for you.

Some surveys are quite long and can take half an hour or more, while others consist of just a few questions.

Getting Started

It's important to understand that you won't make a full time income out of surveys. Look at it more as a relaxing and quite interesting way to earn some extra money, and you'll enjoy the experience.

The first thing to do is to join a paid survey website, and simply follow their instructions.

In a few minutes, you can start earning towards that first payment.

Wishing you every success!

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